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Silhouette of a woman with her arms raised to the sunVoipfone’s business model has always been very simple – a no contract and pick and mix service, just take the bits you need, build your own telephone system and pay for it as you use it. Ikea, Lego.

And because we hate the way telcos exploit small businesses with long-term contract terms, with Voipfone you can leave anytime you like, no penalty.

It was almost theological for us and it’s worked well for both Voipfone and Voipfone’s customers – giving our customers sophisticated products with incredible flexibility very economically. Being a no contract service also made us very good at what we do because if our customers can leave at any time, we have to be.

But we see the market changing and an increasing number of our customers asked for a fixed price bundled service.

So last month we introduced the Voipfone Unlimited deal, where for £20 per month per user you get truly unlimited UK calls and a fully featured PBX with a 12 month contract.

The no contract pick and mix deal is still our prime product and is best suited to single or low use customers or customers needing lots of extensions.

So now you can choose what best suits your needs – a further extension to the pick and mix deal.

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Finally, Decent QoS on Routers

maximum qualityIn the early days of VoIP and Voipfone protecting the quality of telephone calls from other uses of the internet was a bit of a holy grail, bandwidth was low – particularly on the upload channel – and sending an email during a conversation could ruin a call. In those days we sold a special unit that attempted to limit the amount of bandwidth that any application could grab in order to protect the voice call. This box just about worked but was very expensive and couldn’t do anything about downloading files and browsing websites during a call so very few people used it.

What was needed was overall quality control of the entire service – that’s calls coming from, and controlled by, the network – and quality control on the uplink to our network which is controlled by your router.

We did what we could with our own network a few years ago by engineering our own broadband service to prioritise voice over all other uses of your service but until recently our ability to control calls from your router into our network was limited.

But now, finally, we’ve found a high-quality router that can also protect the upload stream, so from now on, all our free routers will include this feature.

This may all seem a bit esoteric but the combination of network and router control means that nothing now can interfere with your calls if you use Voipfone’s broadband service. For many people this also means that having to have two broadband connections and line rentals in order to protect their voice service is no longer necessary – a huge cost saving.

More information about our broadband can be found here

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