Voipfone Wins Institute of Customer Service Award – which is nice.

Posted by CJD on February 27, 2013

Last night at London’s Lancaster Hotel on Hyde Park, in a haze of artificial smoke (what is that stuff?) and alcohol, someone claiming to be Krishnan Guru-Murthy the Channel 4 News presenter called out Voipfone’s name.

A few minutes later I was talking rubbish into a camera and wondering had gone wrong.

The thing is, this is the Institute of Customer Services and all they care about is, well, customer service. We’re a telephone company and, of course, no-one ever gives awards for customer service to telephone companies because, of course, they’re all utterly pants at it.

And that’s not just me saying it, it’s Ofcom’s own data

Overall satisfaction with customer service by provider

  Satisfaction Neutral Dissatisfaction
BSkyB 66% 18% 17%
Virgin Media 59% 23% 18%
BT 58% 25% 17%
TalkTalk 53% 23% 24%


Anyhoo, it seems we’re different. Which is nice

Here’s the list of runners and riders – you’ll recognise quite a few very big names there. And, of course, little Voipfone 😉


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