UK Phone Numbers

Posted by Voipfone on September 27, 2022

How to get a phone number for your business? It’ simple, cheap and immediate! You no longer have to get anyone to install a second phone line to make and receive phone calls.

What’s the benefit? You can have any kind of VoIP phone number you like and have as many as you need and that from any part of the world.

You can divert incoming calls anywhere, call other Voipfone users for free no matter where they are, use Voicemail and have your messages sent to you by email, receive a fax, add phone extensions and much more for either free or at very low cost.

However, phone numbers are designed for different purposes so please read this carefully before choosing your phone number.

If you are a business, phone numbers form part of your brand and image and once the number is on your stationery, your shop signage and the side of your van, it’s not easily changed so it’s important that you consider the type of number to use carefully.

It’s normally best to choose an 01 or 02 number but there are two other types you could consider:

0800 can be useful if you actively need customers to call you or are running advertising campaigns.
03, if you need to have a ‘national’ presence.

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