TV dies tonight

Posted by CJD on September 26, 2012

Well analogue does anyway.

The very last analogue TV signal on mainland UK gets switched off at midnight tonight when Tyne Tees goes off air.

Changing the UK from analogue to digital must be one of the best managed and under-applauded, technical tasks the UK has achieved – 22.5 million homes now switched over; mostly fuss free – so hats off to Digital UK

Digital UK is an independent not-for-profit organisation established by the public sector broadcasters and multiplex operators to lead the implementation of switchover. This involves co-ordinating the technical rollout of a high-power digital terrestrial television network; communicating with the public about digital switchover to ensure everyone knows what is happening, what they need to do and when; and liaising with stakeholders to ensure understanding of and support for the switchover programme.”

When the Tyne Tees transmitter is finally converted, it frees up the frequency bands which are then going to be used by the UK 4G mobile networks coming along next year.

But hang on, 4G is also digital so why did we go to all that bother?

Never mind, Arthur C Clark is always right “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

ps Norther Ireland gets switched over on 24th October.

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