Top 5 Tools and Features to Use for Your Business in 2023

Posted by Voipfone on November 21, 2022

  1. The Voipfone Call Me Back™
    The web button is a clever way of getting your customers to call you, perhaps as a way of driving sales from your web site or as part of a your customer support service it can help to reduce website bounces and increase sales.
  2. Virtual PA Service
    The service you need to create a script for the receptionist to use when answering your calls. You can update these scripts at anytime using the Control Panel.
  3. IVR Switchboard
    The Voipfone IVR is a sophisticated Interactive Voice Response system. By adding one or more IVR Switchboards to your account, callers to your business will hear a personalised greeting, followed by a series of options. 
  4. Call Conferencing
    Voipfone customers can use the conferencing service for free when calling from the Voipfone network. Your colleagues and friends can also join from any ordinary telephone anywhere in the world, even if they are not a Voipfone customer
  5. Free Desktop Softphone
    You can make Internet telephone calls from your PC using the FREE softphone which turns your PC into a fully featured telephone. All you need is a PC, loudspeakers and a microphone – or a headset and a connection to the Internet.

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