Too Little and Too Much

Posted by Voipfone on October 1, 2021

I got lucky last week and filled up with petrol on Thursday just before our comfortable little world spun into a new form of societal panic.

We tend to take our modern western world for granted; just expecting everything to crack on as usual because usual is normal and normal is to be expected. But our modern world is now run right at the margin so that small things going wrong are able to create big problems.

Too little fuel and society grinds to a halt. Too much virus and pretty much everything stops. Too much CO2 and our world disappears forever. We need to plan more to protect us from the too much or too little of something that will pop up now and then – especially if we don’t.

A few weeks ago, Voipfone had a moment of too much when we had a biblical flood of data thrown at our network. We are now planning for more too much and others are too.

Chaos seems to be the new normal.

In similar news, I have a glut of tomatoes.

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