The Naming of Parts (of your WiFi)

Posted by CJD on October 22, 2012

The Naming of Parts (of your WiFi)

There’s an interesting and mildly amusing social phenomenon being reported in the print media this week; people are getting funny with their Wifi names.

I’ve just spent a spare half hour scraping the intertubes for those that tickled me most.

Some neighbours like to air their disputes:

Quit stealing my paper

FYI, I don’t read it, I throw it away

Stop Moving Furniture at Night


Caitlin stop using our Internet!

Nobody’s impressed by how loudly you sneeze

Quite a few are of the “hands off my WiFi ” type

Not free so get stuffed

Don’t use my WiFi

No Wi-Fi For You

Don’t Even think it

Sorry, you can’t use this

Nope, not this one either

Stop using our network, Steve

Hey You Kids, Get Off My LAN!

Only If You Help Me Pay For It

A few take the paranoia line:

International Terrorist Network

SOCA Surveillance Van

FBI Surveillance Van 7

Connect for identity theft



I Ate Your Cat

Virus Vault open

We Can Hear You Having Sex



it’s a trap

Some are informative:

2 cats 2 many

Look, Ma! No Wires!

Pretty Fly for a WiFi

Haha you have no internet connection!

Mum uses this one

My Neighbors Suck

Your Bathroom Shower Needs New Tiles

Trapped in router send help!

I’m surrounded by Plebs


Dot Cotton = sex on legs

…..and some are invitations

my door is open come on in

Bring Cookies to Apt 4

Will connect for beer


Some people struggle to be clever


Some are very, very sweary

****** ***** ********

….the intriguing and obscure

Shatner’s Bassoon

Happy Penguins

Pete’s Libido


Charlie don’t surf

And mine?


Can you do better?

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