The iPhone Reality Distortion Field

Posted by CJD on September 24, 2012

This iPhone 5 hysteria is getting out of hand.

For the last few days we’ve heard story after story about how poor the new Apple Map application is – bridges bent into funny shapes, internationally renowned football clubs shifted to amateur grounds, bits of Cornwall missing, Apple’s own store in Sydney in the wrong place and so on. There is much talk of this being an Apple downgrade and as big a PR blunder as ‘Antennagate’ (Steve Job’s name for backlash against the iPhone 4’s signal problem).

And, in another downgrade brought about by Apple’s rivalry with Google, YouTube has also been knocked off its iPhone perch.

(For those who’ve been trapped in a South American mine for the last few weeks, Apple have thrown Google Maps out of its new operating system – IO6 – and replaced it with its own version, Apple Maps, which is actually provided by a certain TomTom.)

If you’re bothered by all this, you can still get Google Maps by using Safari and Apple will presumably allow Google to put its map app in their shop sometime soon…?

Anyhoo, I was amused to hear of an American show that demonstrated the ‘reality distortion field’ that seems to surround anything Apple at the moment.

A day before the iPhone 5 came out, they interviewed iPhone 4 users asking for their opinion of the new phone. The twist was that the phone that they gave them to review was actually a totally undisguised, bog standard, iPhone 4.

With, as they say, amusing results.

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