That Winning Feeling

Posted by Voipfone on June 1, 2019

Illustration of a mobile phone king character wearing a gold crown and giving a double thumbs upWe won our trade association’s Best VoIP Provider for Business Award again last month.

I say ‘again’ because we’ve won it several times before, in fact I’ve just checked our website and we’ve won 14 annual awards like this. My office shelf is aching under the weight of shiny glass. That’s one award per year for each of the years Voipfone’s been in business. And that doesn’t include the big one – the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – the most prestigious award in the UK.

One of our most precious wins was the Institute of Customer Services, Customer Satisfaction Award – an award never given to a telephone company (for the obvious reason that telephone company customer service is generally atrocious.)

So I guess we’re doing quite a lot of things right.

One reason we often win awards is because – unlike almost all of our competitors – we’re a development company and have designed and built our network, platform and service entirely ourselves. It means we can do things differently to those other VoIP companies (the majority) who are simply resellers of other larger companys’ products.

Our developments are prioritised by our customers. Whenever we’re asked for a feature or function we don’t have it gets put on our wish list and the ones with the highest requests get built. So please ask.

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