On-premises PBXs. Ugh.

Posted by Voipfone on November 4, 2016

On-premises PBXs. Ugh.This month’s blog was to be a rant about on-premises, ‘box’ PBXs because we’ve had yet another customer fleeced by the outfit that sold and installed him one.

We’re still trying to work out why the charlatan set up his service the way he did, but we’ll dump the lot, connect him directly to our service and save him money, risk and heartache.

This, by-the-way is quite apart from the insane risk of running one of these boxes. They’re a honey-pot for hackers.

Anyhow, the rant turned into a full explanation of the differences between on-premises and hosted PBXs which you can find here:

‘On-Premises’ Versus Hosted VoIP PBX Services

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