Nuisance Calls #2

Posted by CJD on February 11, 2013

BT announced a new telephone product this week that tips a nod towards doing something about the increasing problem of junk calls and, a few weeks ago, I blogged about an Ofcom initiative that attempts to bring in regulation and enforcement action to tackle the problem from the other end.

Of the two methods, the BT solution – although itself utterly flawed – is closer to the actual solution because it puts the intervention in the hands of the victim. Self-reliance and self-interest generally gets things done.

But really, BT should be better than this. The solution is not to sell a lump of expensive, dumb, non-updateable and basically pointless hardware to 20 odd million homes – the solution is to let users stop spam getting to their phone to start with.

You know, do it in the network; that thing that BT started calling the “Intelligent Network” in the mid 80s could be sorting this out easily, cheaply and finally.

I mean, if a little company like Voipfone can do it, why can’t a multi-billion mega company like BT?

Surely it couldn’t be because they don’t actually want to stop it?
Can you think of any reason why BT might not want to stop several million chargeable calls from being sent over their networks?

Thought you might.

Here’s how it’s done BT, feel free to copy:

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