New Website needs a Needs a New Logo – Obviously.

Posted by Voipfone on February 7, 2011

The new website is following the usually internet model of ‘ready, fire, aim’.

ie get it out then fix it.

This is fine so long as you get the main elements working properly first, then add the frilly bits. Which we did and it was, indeed, fine.

But new webs sites demand new logos – apparently, and having been party to several logo choosing sessions over the years I wasn’t looking forward to it.

CJD’s law of logo making says that the degree of difficulty of choosing a logo is equal to the square of the people involved in the process – so this time only one person did it (not me).

So it was, quick, pain free and cheap – just Ā£2.1m. Read that and weep BT

(That excludes rebadging Voipfone HQ and Voipfone Tower, repainting our national vehicle fleet (inc pole erection units), rebranding staff uniforms and soldering irons – of course.)


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