New Voipfone Broadband

Posted by Voipfone on October 17, 2010

This weekend I moved my personal broadband at home from our old BT Max ADSL product, that has served us well over the years, to the brand new Voipfone service that will shortly be pushed in front of an unsuspecting public.

I’d like to say it was a pain free process but it wasn’t – it was an extensive labour, required gas and air followed by an epidural and finished with  a full General Anaesthetic, but the baby was born healthy and happy.

My line speed before the move was rarely above 5mbs down and 400kbs up. Now it’s 17mbs down and 1.4mbs up – a vast and very noticeable improvement. Not only that, but my previous service was capped at 50gb per month whilst this one is 200gb – all for the same price as the old.

We learnt a lot during the change over and ironed out the inevitable teething troubles of a brand new service running over brand new cables and servers so by the time this gets rolled out to our customers, the swop over should be  truly pain free.

More info about the various new products when we’re ready to go.

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