New Broadband Service

Posted by CJD on July 14, 2011

Way back in October last year all Voipfone staff moved over to a new broadband service that we’d been working on for some time.

As I blogged at the time, the changeover process was not pain free – although the service itself was fantastic compared to the old. It’s taken us until now to get the process working in a way that we’re happy with.

We’ve now built a tool that automatically selects the best products for you from the mass of confusing options available and ignores products that aren’t available at your exchange or aren’t as good as others at the same price.

Compared to our old system it’s: 1. Much cheaper – we now do £22 and £35pm products 2. Faster – up to 24mbs down and 1.3 up (our tool estimates you what you can expect to achieve in practice) 3. 200Gb limit (for the £35pm product) instead of 40Gb 4.Totally un-congested and not un-managed.

In short, it’s cheaper, faster, bigger and better. Here it is:

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