From the 1st of October, BT increased its Call and Line Rental prices for the second time this year.

Posted by Voipfone on October 8, 2010

A standard BT Business, day rate, UK, national call now costs 8p per minute and has a connection fee of 9p. That means a 1 minute call to a UK landline costs 17p.

Voipfone charges 1p with no connection fee.

BT price information is here:

How Voipfone Saves You Money

If you use Voipfone for your business line and calls, you are already saving money.

But if you still have a BT line that you use at home or occasionally at work and you’d like to get Voipfone prices when using it – you can. Our Carrier Pre-Select Service is the Voipfone service on your BT line.

Nothing changes, there’s no installation, no new equipment, no special numbers to dial; everything works the way it used to except you get lower bills and more services. (You don’t even need broadband because it uses your BT telephone line, exactly as it does now.)

How Does It Work

Just like changing who bills you for your gas and electricity you can also do the same with telephone calls – you simply transfer your telephone billing from BT to us.

But unlike gas and electricity – where you still get the same old product as you did before you transferred – with Voipfone’s landline service you get not just lower telephone bills but also access to features and services such as call transfer, call hold, music on hold and call recording.

Not only that, but you keep your existing telephone number and use your phone in exactly the same way as usual – no codes to enter or adapters to buy. You can still make calls using BT anytime you want to and switch back to BT permanently anytime too; so there is no risk at all.

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How Much Does It Cost

To celebrate BT’s price increases, we’re dropping our own set-up charge so that the service is now absolutely free. Calls are charged at our normal rates.

Voipfone Prices Here:

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