Free Voipfone App – Voipfone Mobile With GeoDivert

Posted by CJD on February 26, 2013

I’m pleased to announce our very first smartphone app – Voipfone Mobile with GeoDivert.

This is a free app that automatically diverts calls from your Voipfone telephone number to your iPhone when you move away from your usual location.

So, if you usually work from an office, but want your calls to follow you when you go out, just set your office location in your phone, then whenever you move more away, your calls will be sent to your iPhone. When you’re back in the office, the divert is automatically switched off. Change your location anytime. No fiddling around, no passwords, no forgetting. Simple.

It’s exactly like setting a divert in your account; diverted call costs the same as usual, but it’s all fully automatic.

The app also lets you turn a divert on or off manually and includes a top-up feature which allows you to add calling credit to your account without having to go online.

General information about the app and how it works:

How to set up GeoDivert

To get the app, click on the following link.

The app also has a feature that allows you to top up your calling credit remotely – you asked for it, we built it 🙂

GeoDivert for Android is coming soon…..

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