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Posted by Voipfone on March 28, 2011

Technology is apparently here to help us.

Normally, that statement is made when it’s just let you down. It’s now become the 4th great lie and I think should replace No 2

(The other three being, 1. Your cheque is in the post. 2. Your car will be ready Tuesday, 3. This one is just too rude to publish here, but google is your friend…..)

Anyhoo, we’ve just built a couple of really useful free features that really do help; one lets you dial a number directly from your address book or CRM package and another one lets you dial any number shown on a website just by clicking on it.


(But don’t moan at me when your 64 bit plugin doesn’t work with your 32 bit Windows Outlook. Remember, Bill is here to help you.)

Address Book Dialler

Browser Dialler

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