Best Voip Flex Plan Your Full Control UK

Posted by Voipfone on November 21, 2022

Choose only what you need from our range of premium phone services in 2023 for your Business.

Included Free Premium Services
Call Groups (£1 each) Free 056 UK phone number
Call Queue (£2) Free calls to Voipfone users
IVR Switchboards (£5 each) Voicemail
Call Barring (£3) Call Forwarding and Diverts
Cloud Call Recording (£10) Business Hours
Custom Music on Hold (£2) GeoDivert® App
Call Me Back Pro (£2) No contract
Optional Premium Services
Call Groups (£1 each)Call Groups (£1 each)
Call Queue (£2)Call Queue (£2)
IVR Switchboards (£5 each)IVR Switchboards (£5 each)
Call Barring (£3)Call Barring (£3)
Cloud Call Recording (£10)Cloud Call Recording (£10)
Custom Music on Hold (£2)Custom Music on Hold (£2)
Call Me Back Pro (£2)Call Me Back Pro (£2)

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