New and Improved IVR

Posted by Voipfone on July 1, 2020

New and Improved IVR

This month we’re launching an update and upgrade to our Interactive Voice Response service. That’s a fancy name for the “press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts and 3 for a good time” system that we all love to hate when we meet it as a user.

IVRs sometimes get a bad press because they’re often used appallingly with far too many choices and layers – done badly you soon forget where you are and don’t know how to get out without slamming the phone down. The very worst are those that force you down a convoluted funnel then dump you into an everlasting queue followed by a “sorry, please call back later.”

Anyway, rant over. They can be very useful tools to direct calls to exactly the right person to answer your question and save everybody time and effort; they just need to be used with the caller in mind.

So what’s changed? Well we’ve added the ability for the caller to enter the extension number of the called party directly if s/he caller knows it, which gets the caller directly to who s/he wants to talk to without any more messing around.

You can now also have as many IVRs as you like and as many levels in each IVR as you like. Now, far be it from me to put anyone off buying lots of stuff from us but, please don’t go mad with umpteen layers and choices, best to use as few as you can to get the result you need. Our customer service people will happily help you find this happy medium.

Oh, and by-the-way, don’t forget that if you’re shy, you can also use our professional voice artists to create the messages for you.

You asked for it, we built it.

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