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Will it Grind? Yes it will!

Posted by Voipfone on February 1, 2022

We’ve been having a bit of a spring clean here at Voipfone HQ.

For years we’ve been removing the disk drives from our defunct servers as they get upgraded and replaced. We had them stored securely until we had enough to warrant professional destruction.

The day came when our store was full and we transported the equipment under armed guard to a suitable place of execution – our Tech Director’s home atop Gallows Hill. (Turn left after Whipping Post Lane.)

This is how it went. Who knew you could shred a hard drive?



Posted by Voipfone on December 24, 2021

2021 can go stuff itself. So long and good riddance. Come to think about it, so can 2020. Nothing else to say really, except despite the Omigod thing, have a great Christmas. And good luck with 2022.           Read More

So, where were we?

Posted by Voipfone on December 1, 2021

Last month we were chosen by the Internet Service Providers Industry (ISPA) as the best VoIP provider in the UK – for the third year running. It cheered us up no end. Thank you for your continued support.         Read More

Too Little and Too Much

Posted by Voipfone on October 1, 2021

I got lucky last week and filled up with petrol on Thursday just before our comfortable little world spun into a new form of societal panic. We tend to take our modern western world for granted; just expecting everything to crack on as usual because usual is normal and normal is to be expected. But… Read More

Goodbye Cloud

Posted by Voipfone on August 1, 2021

Amazon is retiring its first cloud technology – Elastic Compute Cloud. It’s probably true to say that this technology is largely responsible for proliferation of the term ‘the cloud’ and the remote computing and storage revolution that came with it. I’m struggling to remember when I first heard the term ‘cloud’; I know it made… Read More

Lies, damned lies, and having no plans

Posted by Voipfone on July 1, 2021

Well it’s started; that for which there were no plans, will now happen. Quelle surprise. EE (BT) said in February 2020: “Our customers enjoy inclusive roaming in Europe and we have no plans to change this based on the Brexit outcome.” Now they’re saying that they’ll introduce a charge for data roaming in the EU.… Read More

A Fair Day’s Pay

Posted by Voipfone on June 1, 2021

We’re now an accredited Living Wage employer! At Voipfone we’ve always paid more than the living wage, but we still want to show our support and encourage others to do the same. We believe our staff are our greatest strength, and are committed to treating everyone fairly and with respect. Family comes first and we… Read More


Posted by Voipfone on May 1, 2021

We’re able to get out a bit more now, so why not take your office with you? Our free softphone app turns your mobile into an extension of our PBX so you can home-work or office-work wherever you are; exactly as you do at home or in the office. No need to give out your… Read More

Disaster Recovery

Posted by Voipfone on April 1, 2021

In March a French data centre had a catastrophic fire; this wasn’t a small data centre, this was Europe’s largest; 3.6 million websites went down including 2% of all .fr domains. PARIS (Reuters) – A fire at a French cloud services firm has disrupted millions of websites, knocking out government agencies’ portals, banks, shops, news… Read More

Zoom Fatigue

Posted by Voipfone on March 1, 2021

The psychologists tell us that Zoom fatigue is now a thing. I can’t say I’m surprised. You also know something has become a ‘thing’ when it acquires an acronym and appears increasingly in new meejya. But WFH (working from home) is now in the Cambridge English Dictionary. It would have taken on the usage of… Read More

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